Code That Sings Itself
sound, C++
This is a short video excerpt of a generative C++ program running live.

This C++ program maps its own code structure to sounds that I recorded using only the built-in microphone in my iMac. I recorded samples of myself singing, typing, pushing on my desk and computer, and breathing. The program goes through its own code line by line (displayed on screen) using the characters, whitespace, punctuation, and line length to generate the music. Strong programming is elegant and concise, and, like a poem, it makes good use of whitespace. This piece translates how programmers describe their work, strangely poetic, into sound, but it unexpectedly does so with a female voice.

Some aspects of this program are probabilistic, so it can run forever and will never be quite the same. However, the predominant structure of the code will always be discernible.