I was a frontend developer for iGoogle, Google's personalized homepage (22.5 million users and 20% of all visits to Google's homepage in 2008) and Google Gadgets. I designed and wrote some of iGoogle's most popular apps (millions of users). I worked closely with business partners including CBS, NY Times, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, and more in designing and developing apps for iGoogle. In addition to engineering, I worked closely with the user experience team to design many of iGoogle's main features, such as themes, as well as on iGoogle's redesign.

I gave many talks on the Google Gadget API in Japan, Seoul, London, and the United States. In particular, I presented at Google Developer Day in Tokyo and Google Developer Night in Seoul.

I won Google's prestigious EMG (Executive Management Group) Impact Award for outstanding innovation on iGoogle in 2008.

Gadget Maker allowed users to easily create their own iGoogle apps to share photos, videos, and thoughts with the people closest to them. These apps were like shared pieces of real estate on users' homepages keeping a channel open to their loved ones.