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Created for Turbulence, iSkyTV is a networked art project that detects the user's location and animates the Google Street View sky above their heads. The project is a reimagining of Sky TV, Yoko Ono's famed video work from 1966.

In Sky TV, Ono brought the outside space inside the gallery. In contrast, iSkyTV brings the interior space of the database outside and invites viewers to reflect on a world in which our natural resources and landscapes have been digitized, databased, copyrighted and archived.

iSkyTV is designed for use in many contexts including web & mobile devices, desktop screensavers, and gallery installations. It premiered at SXSW 2013 and is currently installed at the MIT Media Lab where it debuted as part of the Other Festival.

iSkyTV is a project by the Institute for Infinitely Small Things with Sophia Brueckner.