I Am Singing to the Computer
Video, C++
I attempted to build a chord by singing as cleanly as possible and recording myself using the camera built in to the computer. First, I sang one note and recorded both the audio and video of myself singing. Then, at the same time as playing back the recording, I sang the next note in harmony and again recorded myself using the computer's camera. I repeated this as many times as I could until eventually I had a recording that had the audio of me singing 13 notes together (where the first note was fed through the computer 13 times and the last just once). The more times a note is re-recorded by the computer, the more distorted it becomes due to the limitations of the computer's hardware and software. I presented the outcome of this investigation as a C++ program which displays the video recordings in a grid on the computer screen. The program randomly goes through the videos to show each stage of my process along with the corresponding audio.